Your trusted linguistic & personal assistance guide for when you are visiting The Netherlands.

We are not an every day company.

We do things differently. Our services are top-notch and bespoke to each client. We are highly personal, we are trusted, we are discrete, we get things done, we are relentless AND we are on YOUR side.

We serve people and businesses that need an all encompassing guide 24/7 in The Netherlands for the duration of your stay. It may be interpreting, translating documents, organizing meetings, legal & fiscal mediation, tourist excursions for family, pre-visit screenings, search assignments, personal security arrangements, taxi services, secretarial services, hotel & restaurant bookings, relaxation & entertainment mediation, expat services and more. We are next to you every step of your way ensuring you know exactly what has been said or written during your meetings !…in brief:

Your 24/7 Private Loyal Dedicated Personal Assistance for The Netherlands

We work discretely with a pool of carefully screened business partners that warrant professionalism in all aspects of our work.

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